Besides offering volunteer opportunities to Warsaw residents, we also are able to engage visiting teams and individuals in worthwhile and rewarding actions. Recently a team of 4 young people from a Swedish Bible College joined our “Life Impact” outreach at both women’s and men’s correctional facilities.

Following are a couple of their written reactions:

 “Visiting prisons was a very exciting and new experience for me since I’ve never been there. I felt it changed my heart seeing these amazing people being so hungry for God and sincerely wanting to get to know Him. The steadfastness of evangelists who have done this work for years and seeing so much fruits in this amazed and inspired me. It made me realize how genuine life and walking with God really is.  No matter where we are, His presence and light prevails – even in the darkest places.” (Karin)  

“At first I didn’t really know what to expect from the prison visits, but this was something completely different.  Now as I look back, I really see how God led us to get in contact with the wonderful people that we had the privilege to meet! We felt both individually and as a group that we somehow received more from the inmates than we gave out. I know that I’ll be back some day to continue the work as God have planed for both my own life but also for all the people in Poland as I have got in to my heart!” (Josef)