“WVM effectively supports poor families from the hospice with donations, social support and whatever is necessary.”
Dr. Tomasz Dangel, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Warsaw Hospice For Children
“Our ten year cooperation with Warsaw Volunteer Mission has been very positive, very good. In our conversation with the inmates they convince us, and we know this; that your visits and meetings with them, and the long conversations, are truly beneficial. You pass on important values to them, helping them return to society and function in a way that fulfills our expectations. “
Lt. Col. Bogdan Kornitkowski, Director, Rakowiecka Penitentiary, Warsaw
“The cooperation with Warsaw Volunteer Mission has been ongoing since 2003. It is a very fruitful cooperation. The prisoners who stay here have the possibility to deepen their faith, communicate their observations, express their emotions, and share them with others. Warsaw Volunteer Mission provides material help in the form of aid packages with food and clothing as well as pure, selfless, human support, for which today I would like to say thank you.”
Maj. Zbigniew Krolikowski, Director, Grochow Penitentiary, Warsaw
“The WVM epitomizes living, active, and sacrificial faith!  We are blown away by their effective ministry here in Warsaw & are proud to partner with them.”
Austin Sailsbury, Assistant Pastor, First International Baptist Church, Copenhagen
“Visiting prisons was a very exciting and new experience for me since I’ve never been there. I felt it changed my heart seeing these amazing people being so hungry for God and sincerely wanting to get to know Him. The steadfastness of evangelists who have done this work for years and seeing so much fruits in this amazed and inspired me. It made me realize how genuine life and walking with God really is. No matter where we are, His presence and light prevails – even in the darkest places.”
Karen Reisko, Volunteer
“The Christmas celebration Michael organized here was like a substitute for freedom as it enabled me to forget that I’m in prison. They care and they show through their work that it’s possible to live differently, that it’s possible to believe in something.”
Piotr, Mokotów Penitentiary for Men
“Everyone has a routine, and for me it was great to get away from work and the office, to join Mike and Tina visiting families they support in and around Warsaw. What one can risk of taking for granted in life is given a fresh perspective when meeting these families and understanding the various issues they face on a daily basis.”
Andrew Edwards, WVM Board Member