Warsaw Volunteer Mission is a non-profit charity, registered under Polish law. The mission has been active since May 1995 under the leadership of Michael and Anette Murphy, who are lay missionaries. It has a combined Polish and international staff and volunteer team whose diverse backgrounds and traditions reflect the unified concept of Christianity upon which it is based.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to provide material, emotional, and spiritual help to those in need. Currently our main assistance is directed toward:

  • “Families in Crisis” – Indigent families, whose members struggle with traumatic circumstances such as terminally ill children, bereavement, etc.
  •  “Life Impact” – Individuals who are incarcerated in prisons or reformatories, as well as those already released and readjusting to society.
  • “Seeker’s Haven” – Youth and Young at Heart, particularly those who are searching for meaning and purpose.

Mission Statement

The purpose of Warsaw Volunteer Mission is to assist those in need by providing material help, as well as spiritual guidance and emotional support. Together with our sponsors and partners, our aim is to effectively reach out to those lacking their basic physical necessities, hope or companionship.

What the People Say

“WVM effectively supports poor families from the hospice with donations, social support and whatever is necessary.”  (Dr. Tomasz Dangel, Chairman of the board of trustees, Warsaw Hospice for Children.) “WVM supports our program through the inmates’ spiritual development, and by donating needed educational materials.” (Ewa Chmurska, Director, “Atlantis” Rehabilitation Department, Rakowiecka Prison, Warsaw.)