At the beginning of September we had a great group of students and their accompanying teachers from the American School of Warsaw, helping us to take the first steps of action on the land where we hope to soon begin erecting the first WVM buildings.  The students helped to clean up the plot area by removing unnecessary greenery and clearing the borders of the land to make them accessible. They did a wonderful job and made a big dent in the work that needed to be done! A big thank you to all who took part!

We were also very grateful to have an energetic team from DHL joining forces with us on the land project in September! Thanks to them we were able to take another step towards preparing the WVM land for future use. Along with a few WVM volunteers, they removed more of the overgrowth, trimmed the trees, and put up border fences around most of the property. Special appreciation to the DHL team for doing an outstanding job, and for giving their free time to get this significant work done!

We hope you enjoy the pictures from both days, below :)