Following great efforts by Dutch, Maltese, German, and Luxembourgian diplomats and spouses this year, Norwegian and American colleagues recently visited Warsaw’s Grochów and Mokotów Penitentiaries with us.

 Below are their reflections from the meetings;

“Thank you so much for this. We have been sitting this evening trying to sort out all the strong and emotional impressions from our meetings with all these outstanding people this morning.  We will keep this in our hearts forever! God bless you all!”  Karsten and Heidi Klepsvik (Norwegian Ambassador and Spouse)

“More than anything else, The WVM team offer HOPE to the prisoners they work with. Their group sessions are like a beam of sunshine on a grey day. The men leave the meetings with their heads pondering a new path forward and their hearts more open to change and inner peace.” Catherine Jones (Spouse of American Ambassador)