“He guides them to their desired haven.” (Psalm 107:30) Since Summer 2007 we have been holding regular “Seeker’s Haven” meetings in various Warsaw clubs and cafés. Through these get-togethers, WVM aims to create a venue for spiritual seekers to meet with genuine believers, in a relaxed, informal atmosphere. Besides using live music, music videos, and occasional theater, we also utilize various visual aids like movie clips to inspire meaningful discussions on a wide variety of subjects. Generally, a topic and several probing questions are presented allowing participants the freedom to explore what’s on their mind. Among the many topics covered in our gatherings are subjects like: “War, Peace and Religion”, “Freedom”, and “Carpe Diem”.

What the People say:

“…The subjects touched are stimulating, developing, philosophical, but not overly sophisticated, open, and flexible. Good musical and video illustrations. People are nice and intelligent. The general atmosphere is very pleasant. MY FAVOURITE CLUB OF ALL I’VE EVER BEEN TO!”
“…the climate is really warm and friendly, people are nice and open, cultured and intelligent, “not assessing” or aggressive and the idea and organisation is quite specific, unique… Thank You”