In the month of June WVM organized a new one week ‘’Victory Project” at the Rehabilitation department of the Białołęka Penitentiary for men. The goal of the program was that going forward each of the signed up participants would live victorious “abundant” lives (John 10:10), and that together we could create a template that will bring similar victory to many others.

The general theme of the meetings was; how to overcome the negative sides of our human nature which cause us to go on the wrong road in life. We incorporated short theatrical scenes from the well-known “Scorpion & the Frog” & “The Chained Eagle” allegories to illustrate the points covered. We discussed how we all have “scorpion qualities” within us and the potential to become a “chained eagle” unless we decide we want to change, and in turn, live victorious lives. The meetings went very well and we see this as a significant step in the development of our prison outreach. Special thanks to guest volunteers; Ginger, Amy & Krzysiek, who traveled from afar to participate in this new initiative, and to all the local volunteers who were involved! Featured here are some of the pictorial highlights, as well as reactions from some of the inmates who participated.