As some restrictions on public gatherings have been lifted, we’ve been able to restart our Community Meetings for those who are in our Social Aid Program.  So far we’ve had a meeting in June and July, where all participants received a lot of much needed support, for themselves and their families, in the form of clothing, food, household items, hygienic products, as well as toys and other items. After the distribution, we also had a faith based meeting and discussion. The attendees were very grateful to get together again, and to receive needed assistance.

In order to ensure that volunteers and beneficiaries could follow all necessary health precautions, we had to limit the amount of participants. There were 23 attendees in June and 15 in July, each of whom is from a different family. 

A big thank you to everyone who donated the above mentioned goods over the past months, to our kind hosts – ICF, and to all the volunteers who helped out on both days!

Featured below are a few photos from the events.


June Meeting


 July Meeting