In the past month we were able to complete a nice new home for Ewa and her family! With the generous support of our friends and sponsors, especially SHOM, Made in Poland, and Gewoon Doen, we were able to greatly increase this family’s quality of life through the building of a lovely prefabricated home (pictured above on the right).

The family consists of a single mother, Ewa, and her two children Łukasz – 6, and Kuba – 3, as well as Ewa’s mother Bożena. It is a family that the Foundation has been helping for many years. Till now they’ve had to scrape by on Ewa’s poorly paid hospital work and grandma’s small pension, while living in terrible conditions.  In spite of their difficult situation, they’ve always tried to remain positive and cheerful. The previous living conditions were not only sub-standard, but they also failed to meet basic safety requirements. The virtual shack they lived in (pictured above on the left) was also without bathing or sanitary facilities. As a temporary solution due to limited funds, a few years ago we put a simple roof on the old home, as the previous one continually leaked, but this also increased concerns of an eventual collapse.

With the new home the work included; transport and delivery of 3 insulated containers, leveling the ground and making a basic foundation.  Installing a bathroom, sewage system with pipes & tank etc., a fireplace & chimney, kitchen with utilities, electricity & water, antenna, etc., plus making a front terrace, and painting and decorating. The most needed furniture, including beds, table and chairs, TV, etc. were donated by local friends.

The whole family is extremely grateful for the drastic improvement of their living standards. Bożena told us that she felt as though anything good she may have done for others in her life, has more than come back to her through this wonderful project.

A Big THANK YOU to all our friends who have helped in any way, especially WVM’s Three Key Partners: SHOM, Made in Poland, and Gewoon Doen!!!

We hope you enjoy the before(left) and after(right) pictures below.






toilet situation

Left: There was no bathroom in the old home – Right: Bathroom built in new home



Pictured Above (L-R) shortly before the work was completed: Our ‘main man’ Jarek, Olivia and Ank from SHOM, The happy and grateful recipients Bożena and Ewa with Łukasz and Kuba, Linda and Mike from WVM.